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Magnesium oxide board reduce global Co2 emission

We are living in the century,have to fight against global climate warming for next generation. As we all know about,portland cement production creat huge Co2. Caco3 = Cao + Co2 1 ton portland cement consume 80-110 kilowatt ,coal-fire powder creat 0.86 KG Co2. Decomposition of 1 ton limestone,creat 0.5 ton Co2 Now human produce a least 2 billion ton of portland cement every year.According to statistic,7.9℅ of global carbon dioxide emission from portland cement production. Magnesium is one of the most common element in the earth,it is widely use in medical and food industry. Magnesium oxide can react with water and Co2,reduce Co2. The production process is almostcarbon-neutral.As well as being easy on the environment, our products contain 0%, toxins and are completely safe for both builder and end user. Rockmax magnesium oxide board is made fromrecycled plant fiber and natural mineral. Made from recycled oil palm fiber or woodfiber RockMax board contains 100% recycled or recovered fiber. All the fiber we use originates frompost-industrial recycled agricultural waste No toxic ingredients [...]

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Issued new standard for chloride free mgo board

Novermber 12th,2017 Magnesium oxide cement association annual meet held at Rugao city,celebrate its 25th anniversary.   The members present at meeting including :vice major of Rugao city,chairman of Chinese magnesium oxide cement association,Chinese magnesium cement Institute,Shandong Research Institute of Building Science, Resentitive from ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials),Magnesium oxide cement association from North America-MOCA. The purpose of the meeting is work on uniform product standard and test standard of magnesium oxide cement product for demestic and international market. Chinese goverment issue new standard requirement of chloride free mgo board. From here,Chloride free mgo board represent for future of fire [...]

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Magnesium Oxide Boards Cause Moisture Damages?

There is research report from Demark university. The "magnesium oxide board" mention in this report,which is mgo board contains chloride. MAGNESIUM-OXIDE BOARDS CAUSE MOISTURE DAMAGE INSIDE FACADES IN NEW DANISH BUILDINGS Kurt Kielsgaard Hansen (1), Tommy Bunch-Nielsen (2), Bent Grelk (1), Carsten Rode (1) (1) Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark (2) Bunch Building Physics ApS, Vedbæk, Denmark Abstract Magnesium oxide board, “MgO-board”, is a factory-made sheathing board product, which has been widely used in the last 5 years in ventilated facades on new or renovated buildings in Denmark. In winter 2014/15, a number of problems began to appear with [...]

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How to prevent mgo board corrode steel?

Views:7619     Author:Rockmax     Publish Time: 2018-12-13  Background Magnesium oxide board is grade A1 fireproof wall board,been famous for exceptional fireproof performance,high bending strength and light weight.Soon mgo board brings huge impact to traditional wall panel,such as fiber cement board,Gypsum board,OSB and MDF. It is manufacture and export from China,distribute in different countries,which involved in many international projects. In recently,we found some negative information about mgo board on internet,market start to confuse about this material. Rockmax has been researched and developed chloride free mgo board over 10 years.Here are some experiences for share. What is mgo board? Magnesium oxide [...]

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Not all the mgo board suit for external wall!

Views:619     Author:Rockmax     Publish Time: 2016-12-13  Background Today mgo board plays an important role in fireproof building materials industry. Mgo has better fireproof and lower heat transfer than fiber cement board and gypsum board,bending strength and flexibility almost double. Mgo is termite resistant and mildew proof,better than wood,but price is similiar. In recently,we found some negative informations about mgo board for external applications it may involved panel bending or cracking at joint,decoration material delamination,tile,marble fall off. People start to confuse about mgo board for exterior wall. Rockmax has been research and design magnesium oxide cement over 10 years,we [...]

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