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One of the 1st chloride free Mgo Board passed climate resistant test

ROCKMAX magnesium sulfate board is made from reinforced magnesium oxysulfate cement, high activity filler, reinforced mesh fiber and polymers, which Integrated better thermal insulation & bending strength, it is specialized design for SIP skin and semi-exposed exterior wall sheathing.

A1 FireproofWill not release toxic gas when it is burning
High StrengthBending strength 12mm>20-30 Mpa
DurableTested to BS EN 12467 category A for exterior sheathing
Dimension stableDimension changes <0.3% in exterior wall
Waterproof coatingWater absorption speed is 1/5 of normal mgo or fiber cement board
Screw HoldingScrew pull out strength close to OSB,12mm>800N
Material Safety meet EN REACH requirement, exclude 191 kind of harmful substance

Fire Resistance

Mold Resistance


Easy cut and work with

Impact Resistance

Heat Resistance


Building Safe

Moisture Resistance

Insect Resistance

SIP sheathing

Health Safe

Technical Data Sheet

ParameterResultTest Standard
Density>1050kg/m3BS EN 12467 -2012
Bending strength12mm> 20-30 MpaBS EN 12467 -2012
Water absorbing by weight/24 hours< 15%BS EN 12467 -2012
Water impermeability  after 24h, water gauge 5 cmLack of leakageBS EN 12467 -2012
Shrinkage and expansion rate(exterior)<0.3%ASTM C 1186-08
Thermal conductivity<0.22W/(m·K)ASTM C 518-10
Asbestos or formaldehydeNoneEN REACH
Fire ResistantA1EN ISO1182 &1176
Chloride content<0.003%ASTM C 871
Wet – dry          50 cycles
Heat rain          50 cycles
Freeze-Thaw      100 cycles
Warm water        56 days
Strength remain>75%EN 12467
Category A  Class 3
Surface burning and smokeClass A  Flame Spread<25
Smoke Develop<25
ASTM E 84-12

Application and Limitation

ApplicationSIP – EPS , XPS ,PIR coreSIP – PUR injection wall system
ETICS – external thermal insulation composite systemExterior sheathing with EIF & Stucco
LGS interior and semi-exposed exterior wallExterior underlayment for veneer
Drained cavity system,exterior underlayment for wood or fiber cement plank,alumium composite panel,curtain wall
Accessory(exterior wall)Steel frame or wood frameSelf drilling screw
Self adhesive mesh tapeFlexible jointing compound
Drained cavity batten,wall warpInsulation, mortar, mesh net, waterproof paint
LimitationCan not use for exterior wall without waterproof paintflexible jointing compound is necessary, recommend Sikaflex
Can not serve extreme heat>80’c and wet recycleSpecial application please consult manufacturer

Loading Capacity



Quantity 1 x Pallet

Loading capacity in 20ft CNT

Bulk Load In 20ft CNT

12mm x 1220 x 2440


72 pieces

520 pieces

 650 pieces

12mm x 1220 x 2750


72 pieces

520 pieces

 600 pieces

12mm x 1220 x 3050


72 pieces

500 pieces

 600 pieces

● Other thickness and dimension can be customized