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ROCKMAX is a technical company, provide chloride free technology transition for over 10 Chinese mgo board factories.

We engage in researching and applying MOC technology in different region:

  • Customized fireproof board 1-4 hours

  • Low wet expansion mgo for steel sandwich clean wall

  • Durable & high strength mgo for SIP skin

  • Mgo light weight concrete wall injection system

  • High bending strength requirement tunnel wall: 30-40 Mpa

  • Bullet resistant wall / explosion resistant wall

  • Transparent magnesium oxide wall

Now we focus on manufacturing structural use fireproof board for oversea SIP producer.

We are good at analysis and evaluate various raw materials, upgrade production process, final product durability assessment.

Our aim is build up a open technical platform for global fireproof board buyer and manufacturer.

We devoted ourselves to supplying the first class product and service to worldwide customers.

Our History

2012,ROCKMAX started to produce 2nd generation chloride free mgo.

2013,ROCKMAX supply to Germany steel sandwich panel factory.

2015,ROCKMAX started to produce chloride free mgo for European and Australian SIP factories.

2016,ROCKMAX applied invention patent for –climate resistant & chloride free mgo.

2017,ROCKMAX got CE mark for European market, Code mark and Cert Mark and Australian market.

2018,ROCKMAX,build up interior durability laboratory ,simulate aging process to different international cities.

2019,ROCKMAX start technical support for global mgo production.

Production Bases

A, South Kunshan production base: 5000m2(continue expanding) Export production capacity:25 container per month(SIP skin)

B, Wuhu production base: 20000m2 Export production capacity:50 containers per month


We are driven by customers

We recognize the importance of our people

We strive for excellence

We deliver on commitments

Our management team is driven to create a culture of trust, teamwork, responsibility, high expectations and open communication. We respect the concept of Commitments. We understand the meaning of Accountability. We work as teams to Execute in order to meet goals and objectives for our customers, fellow employees and business partners. As a China based company, we are special.

Our management team allows us use Europe way of business to understand and work for the global market, Here at Boda we have many competitive advantages that allow us to give our customers the best possible value. In the future we hope that more and more new friends will join us to enjoy our success as outlined in our company motto: Let’s grow together!


We are able to do raw material evaluation, microcosmic chemical reaction inspection, physical performance evaluation, durability evaluation we can research and design, different density, strength, water absorption rate, panel’s combination structure, insulation performance , fireproof performance to meet multiple applications:

We are familiar with testing standard & procedure of GB / EN / ASTM / ISO, we can provide accordingly test report for each shipment.