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RockMax mgo backer board

RockMax mgo backer board,it is fireproof and waterproof underlayment for tile,brick,art stone.It has a rough surface better to adhesive decoration material.As low as 15% water absorption rate allow its dimension stable in wet area.
The weight weight is only 50% of other cement product.

Tile Backer Board:
  • 9048
  • Rock Max
  • 90480001
Superior Performance:
Fireproof                  RockMax tile backer board is grade A1 incombustible material with non-inflammable surface.
Waterproof               RockMax tile backer board's water absorbtion rate<15%, the dimension is stable during wet and dry.
Moldproof                    RockMax tile backer board does not condensed water and go mouldy in humid environment.
Light Weight              The weight of tile backer board is 1/6 of bricks,50% lighter than alternative sheathing material. 
Green &Healthy       All the selected raw material it is green, which does not contain asbestos and formaldehyde.
Rough Surface          Double-faced, an rough surface and an smooth surface

Place To Use
The panel is design for use as underlayment,we try to strike a perfect balance between light weight and strength, also give consideration of waterproof and fireproof,that it became very competitive underlayment for flooring, tile, marble, aluminum composite panel, curtain wall etc.

Mgo Underlayment For Dywall

The wall of install RockMax backer board is the same as drywall, screw the panel on the keel and make the wall as flat as possible. After that snap a grid with plaster, fiberglass tape and paste on tiles.

Mgo Underlayment For Flooring
RockMax backer board is essentially a thin layer of concrete with fibreglass mesh on both sides. It was designed specifically as a setting surface for tile. Backer board comes in a range of sizes: 600mm by 1200mm sheets are most common for floors. Over a 15mm subfloor, use 12mm-thick sheets.

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1,Snap a Grid of Chalk Lines
2,Place Backer board on Adhesive
3,Drive in Backerboard Screws
4,Fill the Joints with Adhesive
5,Cover Joints with 2" Fibreglass Tape
Density                                                                                         800kg/m3 ASTM C 1186-08
Bending strength                                                              9mm>14Mpa
ASTM C 1186-08
Water absorbing by weight/24 hours                                                                   <15% ASTM C 1186-08
Water impermeability  after 24h, water gauge 5 cm                                         Lack of leakage ASTM C 1186-08
Shrinkage and expansion rate                                                                         <0.15% ASTM C 1186-08
Thermal conductivity                                                                             <0.22W/(m·K) ASTM C 518-10
Asbestos or formaldehyde                                                                           None ASTM C 1186-08
Fungus resistant                                                                               No Growth ASTM C 1186-08

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