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RockMax Mgo Loft Flooring

RockMax loft flooring is made of light weight and high strength mgo board, it is resist to fire, water ,mildew ,insulate to sound and heat. It can applicable for use as container house flooring,prefabricated house loft flooring,quick construction house flooring.

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RockMax mgo subfloor board is grade A1  incombustible material with non-inflammable surface.
RockMax mgo subfloor board has a special waterproof surface to keep water permeability in low level.
It does not deform during wet and dry, the dimension change less than 0.15%
RockMax mgo subfloor board  does not condensed water and go mouldy in humid environment.
Light Weight But Strong
The weight of 20mm RockMax mgo subfloor board is 20kg per square meter, bending strength over 15 Mpa
Green &Healthy
RockMax mgo subfloor board is made of chloride free magnesium oxide cement.
All the selected raw material we use it is environment-friendly, which  does not contain asbestos and formaldehyde. No smoke or poison in case of fire.

20150731022303392Loft Subfloor      20150731022507141Frame Structral Subfloor

To install chloride free mgo subfloor board. on a light weight steel structural house is very convenience.
1, Make rust-proof treatment on steel girder
2,Before installation ,check flatness of steel girder, ground the peaked welding points.
3,Put on 20mm panel horizontally at a right angle of cross girder, aligning 4 sides of panel in the middle girder and make sure none of side has been suspended. 
4,Parallel the panel one by one, leave 3-5mm gap between them. 
5, Use our specialized self drilling screw 55-60mm, attack from the central part of the board to 
neighbor fixed, distance protection from board edge 15mm, which is apart from the slab
50mm, fixed points keep distance of 300mm,all the screw should be sink into panel 1-2mm
6,All the gap should be fill up with silicone sealant or flexible jointing compound, Put on steel mesh and mortar.

You can easily to divide high space into LOFT, and no longer worry about weight, strength,
Waterproof, fireproof ,insect proof. 
1,Find position to install frame and snap lines on the wall
2,Create slot about 20cm deep to insert C steel beam(rust-proof treatment before installation)
Adjust the beam formation level, after that tight and weld all the bolts
3,Insert the I steel beam into C beam, keep 600mm distance.
4,Weld angle steel on the I beam, also keep 600mm distance 
5,The rest part of procedure it is the as above.

Technical Data
Standard Size                                                  1220mm x 2440mm, 1200mm x 2400mm,600mm x 1200mm
Weight                                                              20mm - 20kg/sq meter,25mm-25kg/sq meter
Bending Strength                                                                            20mm>25 Mpa
Water Absorbing by weight/24 hours                                          <10%
Shrinkage and expansion rate                                                     <0.15%
Thermal conductivity                                                               <0.22W/(m·K)
Asbestos or formaldehyde                                                         None
Fungus Resistant                                                                     No Growth
Fire Resistant                                                                                 A1

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