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Mgo Board Problem Moves Across Florida

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Residents Talk to Injury Board
A respondent to IB News- Honolulu says that the wallboard may actually be Chinese magnesium oxide board, also called Mag Board, MgO Board and Dragon Board. Wet it and it releases magnesium chloride, corrosive to metal, he says. Heat it and it releases magnesium oxide fumes.
Another person writes that the inspector told her to look at the drywall on the walls, not the ceiling, because Chinese drywall doesn’t stay flat enough to make a ceiling.   
There is not necessarily a smell, writes another, but corrosive pipes and wiring. Wayne Parson’s blog has at least two dozen people who appear to be impacted by the Chinese drywall. 
Joe Saunders, IB partner from Sarasota, adds to the conversation as does Steve Lombardi from Iowa who says that the Chinese government’s secret closed government, lack of independent media and of civil litigation with its requirement for full disclosure, all serve to keep information secret and the public in the dark

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