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Interior Chloride Free Mgo Board

Rockmax is 2nd generation magnesium oxide board which is free from chloride. It is A1 fireproof,waterproof,mold proof.It's entirely green wall panel,material safty tested to European "REACH" requirement,exclude191 kinds of harful substance,may effect health. It is one of the cost effective fireproof material,recommend for fireproof partition wall,ceiling,lining,etc.

magnesium oxide board:
  • 1248
  • Rockmax
  • 1248001
Rockmax interior mgo board's advantage
Fire resistant                A1, tested to ASTM E 84 & ASTM E 136  and EN ISO 1182 & ISO 1716
Water resistant            Water absorbing rate less than 28%, 24 hrs
Stable dimension        Dimension change<0.2% in house
Mold resistant              Rockmax does not mold in high humidity area
Light weight                  Density>850kg/m3,50% lighter than other cement board
Super Flexible               It can be bend and does not crack
Chloride free                 Negative,tested to ASTM C 871
Green and Safe             Rockmax is absolute safe product test to En "REACH",does not release poisonous gas during burning

Rockmax interior mgo board compare with other wall panel
Rockmax Safeboard compare with other mgo board
Product Rockmax Cement board Other mgo board Gypsum board OSB/Plywood
Weight Low High Low Low High
Flame resistant Excellent Good Good Poor Poor
Water resistant Excellent Good Good Poor Poor
Mould resistant Excellent Good Excellent Poor Poor
Flexibility Excellent Poor Excellent Poor Poor
Fasten strength Excellent Poor Excellent Poor Excellent
Environmental Good Asbestos risk Good Good Good
Chloride % None Yes High None None
Damp problem No No In rainy day In rainy day No
Cutting Knife Cutting machine Knife Knife Cutting machine
Price Medium High Medium Low Medium

Stop using mgo board(contains chloiride) in steel frame system

Research report from Demark University
Magnesium oxide board cause moisture damage inside facades in new Danish Buildings

Rockmax Solution: How to prevent mgo board corrode steel?

Rockmax mgo warranty: Compensate 200% for chloride mgo 
Rockmax mgo inspected chloride content at SGS,chloride <0.0003%,
Rockmax mgo dare to compensate 200% base on CNF price,to any panel chloride content  >0.5%
Please contact our sales for chloride content analysis report and warranty.

Rockmax Interior Mgo Board Applications
1 - Interior fireproof wall
2 - Suspended ceiling  
3 - Sandwich insulation panel(interior)
4 - Fire resistant door 
5 - Fire resistant steel protector
6 - Fireplaces Pad   
7 - Marine decoration panel

Rockmax Interior Mgo Board Packing Details
Rockmax Safeboard mgo packing details

Rockmax Loading Capacity:
Dimension Weight-KG/Piece Quantity 1 x Pallet Loading capacity in 20’ft 
6mm x 1220 x 2440 14.5 135 pieces 1080 pieces in 8 pallets
6mm x 1220 x 2700 16.0 135 pieces 1080 pieces in 8 pallets
6mm x 1220 x 3000 17.5 135 pieces 1080 pieces in 8 pallets
8mm x 1220 x 2440 20.0 100 pieces  800 pieces in 8 pallets
8mm x 1220 x 2700 22.0 100 pieces  800 pieces in 8 pallets
8mm x 1220 x 3000 24.5 100 pieces  800 pieces in 8 pallets
10mm x 1220 x 2440 25.0 80 pieces  640 pieces in 8 pallets
10mm x 1220 x 2700 27.5 80 pieces  640 pieces in 8 pallets
10mm x 1220 x 3000 30.0 80 pieces  640 pieces in 8 pallets

Technical Data Result Test Standard
Density 850kg/m3 ASTM C 1186-08
Bending strength 9mm>13Mpa ,12mm>12Mpa ASTM C 1186-08
Water absorbing by weight/24 hours <28% ASTM C 1186-08
Water impermeability Lack of leakage ASTM C 1186-08
Shrinkage and expansion rate <0.2%(Indoor) ASTM C 1186-08
Thermal conductivity <0.22W/(m·K) ASTM C 518-10
Asbestos or formaldehyde None ASTM C 1186-08
Fungus resistant No Growth ASTM C 1186-08
Chloride content <0.0003% ASTM C 871
Fire Resistant A1 ASTM E 136 / EN ISO 1182 & 1716
Volatile organic components emission
(VOC) – time necessary to obtain
allowable concentration of
substances harmful for health, days
PN-EN ISO 16000-
Surface burning and smoke Class A
Flame Spread<25
Smoke Develop<25
ASTM E 84-12

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