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Exterior Sheathing Magnesium Oxide Board

Rockmax magnesium cement board is high density reinforced mgo.It is 50% stronger than normal mgo board.screw hold strength similar to MDF and OSB, water absorption speed and rate is 1/5 of fibre cement board.The durable surface that can withstand the extreme weathering effects of wind, rain and snow,heat and wet recycle,durability meet BS EN 12467,category A,class 3 for exterior wall.Our panel do not contain asbestos and formaldehyde,material safty meet European "REACH" requirement(exclude191 kind of harful substance,may effect health).

magnesium oxide cement board:
  • 12048
  • RockMax
  • 1248002
Superior Performance
Fire resistance A1 fireproofing degree
High Bending Strength Dry 12mm > 16 mpa /  Wet 12mm>12 mpa
Durable Durability meet category A for exterior wall
Stable dimension Dimension change<0.3%,test in outsite
Screw pull out Screw pull out strength> 90kg,similiar to OSB
Chloride free Chloride content close to 0%
Green and safe Does not contain asbestos,toxin,radioactive,meet EN "REACH"

Double Face Design
PUR Insulation sandwich system

Parameter Result Test Standard
Density >1.05g/cm3 ASTM C 1186-08/EN 12467
Bending strength 9mm>  18 Mpa   12mm> 16 Mpa ASTM C 1186-08 /EN 12467
Water absorbing by weight/24 hours <  19% ASTM C 1186-08/EN 12467
Water impermeability  after 24h, water gauge 5 cm Lack of leakage ASTM C 1186-08/EN 12467
Shrinkage and expansion rate(exterior) <0.3% ASTM C 1186-08/EN 12467
Thermal conductivity <0.22W/(m·K) ASTM C 518-10
Asbestos or formaldehyde None ASTM C 1186-08
Fungus resistant No Growth ASTM C 1186-08
Fire Resistant A1   weight lose<30% ASTM E 136-11
Chloride content <0000.3% ASTM C 871
Heat rain 50 times recycle Does not bend,crack,delaminate,etc BS EN 12467
Wet – dry 50 times recycle Strength remain>70% RL=0.83 BS EN 12467 
Category A  for external wall
Surface burning and smoke Class A  Flame Spread<25
Smoke Develop<25
ASTM E 84-12 / EN ISO1182 &1176

Exteror eave
Exterior sheathing,
Exterior render system(high quality waterproof paint / fluorocarbon coating)
Exterior sandwich insulation panel

Not all the mgo is the same, please check  Does all the mgo board suit for exterior wall?

Magnesium oxide board have different quality level,don't use mgo board for exterior without certification.
Please check new report from New Zealand,Stop using magnesium chloride board for panelized wall system.

Loading Capacity:
Dimension Weight/Piece Quantity 1 x Pallet Loading capacity in 20’ft
12mm x 1220 x 2440 37.5 60 pieces 540 pieces
12mm x 1220 x 2743 41.5 60 pieces 510 pieces
12mm x 1220 x 3050 46.5 50 pieces 510 pieces

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