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  • Q What is RockMax Mgo Board / Magnesium Oxide Cement Board?

    A RockMax Mgo board / Magnesium Oxide Cement Board is a reinforced magnesium oxide - sulfate cement,it is made from high purity magnesium oxide,
    selected plant fiber and customized  resin. By using revolutionary composite technologies, most of physical performance is ahead of MGO industry.

    RockMax's basic physical performance:
    Fireproof / Waterproof / Mould Proof / Insert Proof / Sound Insulation / Light weight / Flexible / Durable

    RockMax Advantages:
    1-RockMax board is free from chloride
    Traditional mgo board contains 8-15% chloride, which corrode steel and damp problem.
    Reserch report:

    2-Our magnesium oxide cement board has extreme high strength
    12mm > 18 Mpa  9mm > 20 Mpa   meet to En12467 Class 4 for cement board

    3,Extremely low water absorption
    High water absorption increase weight of buidling and especially effect durability of Mgo.
    Rockmax water absorption as low as 10%   most of alternative cement board or mgo >30%

    4-The weight is 50% lighter compare with other cement boards,It's much easier to handle and cut.

    5-Durability of Rockmax can meet En12467 category B,that is allow to use for external wall with paint.
    25 times recycle dry-wet ,immerse in warm water over 56 days,strength remain over 70%.
    RockMax provide accordingly for different applications: 
    RockMax Greenspan           -- Interior use
    RockMax Greyspan              -- Exterior use
    RockMax Roughpan            -- Underlayment
    RockMax Loftpan                   -- Loft Panel
    RockMax Purifypan               -- Formaldehyde purification

  • Q Why Use RockMax Mgo Board / Magnesium Oxide Cement Board?

    A If you are looking for A1 fireproof wall panel,there are 2 kinds of popular material on the market: cement board and magnesium oxide board.

    Cement board is made of 2 elements,cementing material and water,it is rigid and stable in water,but heavy weight,low bending strength and has risk of asbestos.

    Magnesium cement is new material,been made of 3 elements,magnesium oxide,water and reaction material,it has high bending strength,light weight,green and safe,but not quite stable in high humidity enviroment, and contains chloride.

    -chloride content>8%
    -magnesium oxide board expansion rate <0.6% in wet condition,shinkage rate<0.3%

    Both of materials has its advantage and disadvantage.
    Cement board has better performance in exterior wall,becasue it is more stable in high humidty.
    Magnesium oxide board has better performance in interior wall,because it is A1 fireproof material and cheaper price.

    RockMax Magnesium oxide cement board is new tech-product,it is aim to be the most competitive product ,absorb both advantages ,overcomes disadvantages.

    -A1 Fireproof degree
    -Light Weight
    -High Bending Strength
    -Low water absorbtion rate< 15% interior  use panel(Category C)
                                                    <  10% exterior use panel(Category B)
    -Dimension changes<0.15%
    -Does not contain asbestos and chloride

  • Q Is RockMax Mgo Board / Magnesium oxide cement board consider green product?

    RockMax™ mgo board / magnesium oxide cement board is a superior green building materials. It is made from recycled plant fiber and natural mineral. The production process is almost carbon-neutral. As well as being easy on the environment, our products contain 0% toxins and are completely safe for both builder and end user. 
    1,RockMax™ magnesium oxide cement board is a magnesium oxide cement product. Magnesium is one of the most common element in the earth, it is widely use in medical and food industry. Made from recycled oil palm fiber or wood fiber RockMax™ board contains 100% recycled or recovered fiber. All the fiber we use originates from post-industrial recycled agricultural waste. 
    2,No toxic ingredients RockMax™ magnesium oxide cement board contains no dangerous ingredients such as volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, asbestos, or silica dust, and it will not grow mould or mildew. It contributes to a healthier indoor environment
    3,RockMax™ magnesium oxide cement board requires less than 50% the energy to produce than conventional fiber cement board or gypsum board, that is much lower carbon impact on the environment. RockMax™ magnesium cement board also helps reduce the carbon footprint by making use of palm organic waste fiber or slag that’s is usually burned or dumped as landfill.
    4,RockMax™ magnesium oxide cement board does not contain chloride. Normal mgo board in the market has about 8-15% chloride content, cause Irreparable damage to the structural day by day.  

  • Q Has RockMax Mgo Board / Magnesium Oxide Cement Board been tested?

    A For each shipment we provide free inside test report including:
    -Density                                           √
    -Thickness tolerance                    √
    -Width tolerance                            √
    -Length tolerance                         √      
    -Flexural strength                          √ 
    -Moisture content                          √    
    -Water absorbing                          √      
    -Water tightness                            √

    We passed outsite test including:
    Phsical performance                  ASTM C 1186
    Combustible performance        ASTM E 84
    Surface burnning test                ASTM E 136
    Thermal Conductivity                ASTM C 518
    Chloride Content                       ASTM C 871
    A1 Fieproof Degree                  EN ISO 1182

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