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Does mgo board suit for external wall?

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Does all the mgo board can be use in external wall?

Mgo board is a prospective product,as a important role in fireproof material industry.

it has better fireproof performance than fiber cement board or gypsum board,

does not soft in water and get mold like gypsum board,

insect and mold proof,better than wood product.

stronger and flexible than fiber cement and gypsum.

now it has been widely use as interior partition,ceiling,tile backer board,external wall.

rockmax mgo panel fireproof
rockmax magnesium oxide board waterproof
rockmax magnesium panel insert proof
rockmax magnesium sulfate board impact resistant

Mgo product suit for all the place need fireproof.


But in recently,there are few negative informations about mgo board for external wall,

some problem like,bend,crack at joint,lose strength and decoration material fall off.

Now more and more people confused about mgo board for external use.

In our experience,normal mgo board without additional reinforcement and

special climate resistant protection can not use in exterior wall.It is basic on scientific formula design and new technical.

Only few of mgo board producer have ability to produce exterior grade mgo.

Rockmax mag cement board is one of the leading MGSO panel in China,we have passed durablity test in Stuttgart Germany

and SGS Shanghai,durablity test  to EN ISO 12467 -2012, Grade A class 4.

rockmax board before.png

rockmax board after.png

Conclusion is

After the completion of 50 heat-rain cycles the wall was inspected for damage. 

The complete wall surface exhibited no cracks, delamination, deformation or bending, see Figure 2, 

Enclosure 2. One of the boards exhibited slight lime efflorescence, as shown in Figure 2, Enclosure 2. 

Based on these results it can be concluded that the tested product meets the requirements of EN 12467, 5.5.3.

50 times is top degree for fiber cement board.

Rockmax mag cement board has been approved to use for exterior application.

Find more durability test for Rockmax mag cement board,please contact our

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