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Can mgo board use in external wall?

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Can Mgo board use in external wall or use as external sheathing material?
That's a good question! 
Many producers may say "yes","no problem"
Then you may ask How to prove it? Is there any testing standard?

Mgo board is a prospective product,that has possible to replace of fiber cement and gypsum rock in some applcation,

it became more and more popular on the international market in recent 10 years,

it has been widely use as interior partition,ceiling,tile backer board,external wall and "everywhere".
rockmax mgo panel fireproof
rockmax magnesium oxide board waterproof
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Yes,we have to admit mgo board is really a good material with good physical performance for wall.
Naturally fireproof,waterproof,inserct and mold proof,strong and impact resistant,It seems like the material equal to anything.

But only few of producer or distributor know the principle of aging and life time of magnesium board.
I would like to share it with who love this material and wanna to make it better in future.

In China,most of mgo producer do not have chemical analysis on raw material before production,

some of them even do not kown how to design a scientific formula. Also there are some wrong way

in manufacturing process,such as material mixing,material maintenance.

So there is possible % of active magnesium oxide content does not participate in chemical reaction.
When it is expose to enviroment,it will react with moisture and carbon dioxide.
Mgo + H2O = Mg(oh)2
Mg(oh)2+Co2=Mgco3 + H20
It cause unstable crystal structure,

There would be white powder emerge on mgo's surface or bend or crack after few months.

"white powder" effect life time of material,especially when it is use for outside.

Not all the mgo boards are the same!

Only scientific fomula can solve this issue,but still have risky of problem.

Is there any way to prevent this problem?  
any testing standard?

Yes,we made deep research in this region.
Now our
Rockmax magnesium oxide cement board is ahead in the industry.

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